Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Upcycled Porch Posts

Good Morning! I just wanted to show you guys the end result of  these recycled porch posts. First of all I had to pull them off of an old, falling down farm house. It was so sad to see that old farm house like that but I thought if I can save just one thing from that house and put it to good use in my home I will. So risking life and limb I saved these little pieces of history. Oh and I would like to add that I knew the owner of the property and he gave me permission to take anything that I could load up myself! I might have grabbed a few more things but that is for another day! ;)
I cut them to three different sizes and sanded them down a little, used some finishing wax on them. I stuck some Dollar Tree candles on them and now use them as a center piece on my farm house table. I have had them on a crocheted runner, but at the present time I have them on my garage sale extra large silver platter. Love love love it! I really like the contrast of old chippy paint and the silver tray.
Have you done some crazy farm house porch post saving lately? LOL!!! Tell me what you have done in the name of Upcycling......

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  1. This is one seriously cool idea! I would not ever think about it!