Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Porch... with My Handy Helper

With good intentions....
Did I mention that I have a Lab pup, and that she loves to chew pumpkins? Yes well, her name is Sadie and she does love to get rid of any new intruder to our yard or porch. {Sign} So as you can see in my photo, my pumpkin is more than a little scarred up. She chewed the top off of the last one I tried to use as a prop. So if it isn't hard enough to come up with new things to photograph and show off,  I have my handy little helper making my job a little harder.
Here is a picture of my back porch with the over watered mum and chewed up pumpkin...enjoy! LOL!

Here's the little angel.....deceiving isn't she?!


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